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Mission Statement

Jackson Street Kids Academy Daycare and Preschool is a full service facility dedicated to the families of Southeastern Indiana and the surrounding area. We are committed to provide the highest quality caring environment possible for our children.


Our Program


We are a fully licensed daycare and preschool by the State of Indiana. Our programs are designed to provide a very safe and stimulating environment for all children.

Staffed by professionals, we have fully trained teachers in house and the services of a registered nurse each day. Many of our staff have completed the required programs in early childhood education and are certified by the state. All staff are required to complete 20 continuing education units in child development and early education areas each year.

Weekly lesson plans for our preschool are posted each week for parents review. Children are provided time to choose their own activity and work independently in our learning center.


Daily activities include structured and free play time, large moror skill activities, story time and theater activities. Preschool children are taken on monthly field trips to enhance their educational experience.

Nutritious meals and snacks are provided daily for the childen. Menus are planned with the assistance of a registered dietician.


Please visit our center to register your child today, or call us at

812-852-BABY (2229)

for more information.

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Our INFANT program sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child.

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In providing a program for TODDLERS, our teachers understand that these children learn with their whole bodies.

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PRESCHOOLERS are usually most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a "hands-on" manner.

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Admission Policies

Jackson Street Kids Academy Daycare and Preschool welcomes children of all races, color, religion or national origin. We find that most children applying will benefit from our programs in both the day care and preschool areas. Children may be admitted into the preschool at any time in the school year.

Hours of Operation: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm M-F
The center will be closed for posted holidays.

Fees: Please call 812-852-2229 or stop by for a personal consultation.

Jacksonstreet Kids Academy

Other Important Information

Meals: Breakfast will be served to children in attendance before 8:00am. A morning snack, lunch and PM snack will be served daily.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Will be scheduled as needed or a parent may request such a conference at any time. Teachers are always available for on-going communication and parents are always welcome to observe our program.

Health Exam/Immunizations: These are required for each child within 12 months prior to admission to the child care center, or within one month of admission. These will need to be up-dated annually for children 2 and under.

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