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Infant Program

infant daycare

Toddler Program
toddler daycare

Each day the infant room is full of new learning experiences.  Your child’s qualified teacher captures every learning opportunity and helps each baby develop motor skills, realize the importance of language and encourages your baby to crawl, grasp objects and eventually walk.  Our staff will help your child begin to understand this unique new world from many different perspectives.

Our teachers illustrate varied and frequent verbal interaction with the infants to help them identify and express their needs, ideas and feelings.  The infant teacher is careful and knowledgeable regarding the needs of the infant as well as focused on proper sanitation procedures.  Your infant’s teacher enjoys interacting with your baby by carrying/holding baby, teaching baby to crawl, buggy rides, outdoor play, climbing and rocking baby, so that every baby’s needs are met. Our infant teachers view babies feeding themselves as a great learning experience no matter how messy the activity gets.  Our teachers are supportive of infants in their journey to learn. At Jackson Street Kids Academy you the parent are viewed as our best resource as we teach and shape your infant.

Toddlers are very active little people who learn using their whole bodies.  Our toddler teachers understand that toddlers learn better by interacting with objects around them versus being told what to do.  Our staff will help your child to discover their world by carrying/dropping objects, dumping, climbing, picking up toys or simply playing in his or her own space. These activities are important for the development of your toddler.

toddler daycare

Our toddler lesson plans have a relaxed and flexible schedule.  Toddlers are creative, will try new things and are eager learners.  They will use material in different contexts.  Our teachers design activities to fit the child and view it as learning even if it is not part of the day’s scheduled developmental program. 

Your toddler’s teacher realizes that toddlers are working on being independent.  The caregiver respectfully acknowledges this and allows opportunities for your child to make choices on his/her own.  Your child’s teacher keeps frustration nonexistent and the child’s confidence and self esteem high.

The toddler teachers will redirect the unhappy toddler to control their impulses and behavior while she enthusiastically rewards and praises good behavior. Our teachers use positive discipline to teach children to develop safe, socially responsible behavior that promotes self respect and respect for the feelings and property of others. 

The toddler classrooms are full of developmentally appropriate toys with which toddlers can stay engaged and move from easy to challenging.  Your child will be given the opportunity to have fun in imaginative play and show their creative side in the arts and crafts center.

Some of our toddler’s favorite aspect of play is music, story time, buggy rides/outdoor play, and the sand/ water table.  The toddler rooms at Jackson Street Kids Academy are warm and inviting.




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