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Preschool Program

napoleon preschool program


Before School and
After School Programs


Our preschool program has an enriched curriculum focusing on hands-on learning. The classrooms are set up with the following centers:  Dramatic play, building blocks, music, art, large and small motor development, writing, books, and sand water/discovery.  The preschool program also includes field trips and classroom visitors frequently to help broaden your child’s horizons. 

Dramatic Play – Allows children to imagine and pretend.  Dressing up as a doctor, nurse, police officer, and fire fighter is so much fun!  The children pretend they are grown – ups as they enjoy playing house, restaurant, grocery store, and post office. 

Science – Classroom cooking engages our preschoolers and allows them to question and to be thinkers.  Our Science lesson plans cover a broad area of Science from nutrition, magnets, animal life, plant life, and creating Science experiments at our sand and water table.

Math – Math is taught to preschoolers as a fun learning experience to introduce geometry, classification, numbers, quantity, length, weight, and use of simple graphs.

Social Studies – Our curriculum is designed for children to be able to experience and learn about the big world around us.  We learn about community helpers, and occupations, as well as taking local field trips to places such as the Post Office, Farms, Pumpkin Patch and having visitors like the Dentist and a police officer visit us in our classroom. 

Music – Simple rhythm instruments are featured in our music lesson plans and at our music center.  The children also learn little finger plays and songs through out their time at our center.

Art – The children will experience a variety of media such as:  Paint, chalk, pencils, paper, markers, glue, paste, moon sand, clay, and play dough.  These many forms of media are available to the children when ever they feel the need to be creative. 

Manipulative – Manipulative activities and toys including large and fine motor skills will be formulated into everyday lesson plans.  To implement large motor skills into our lesson plans we have a physical education class which helps children learn to hop on one foot, skip, gallop, and run.  We play many games, dance, parachute handling.  We have wonderful playground equipment for climbing, crawling, running, and balancing.  To improve children’s fine motor skills and to help them become good hand writers we allow opportunity for the children to play with silly putty, gak, play dough, and scissors use.


Our before school program is available to parents who need care in the morning before their child goes off to school.  Each child who is enrolled in our before school program receives a nutritional breakfast, and developmentally appropriate toys and games to play.  A school bus makes a daily stop at the daycare center. Your child will be safely walked to the bus by a caregiver.  We will ensure that your child has a great and productive day at school.


Before and After School


Our after school program is a wonderful option for parents who require a place for after school care!  Your child will be greeted at the school bus each day with a warm smile. The children receive a nutritional snack as well as an opportunity to complete their homework before play.  When weather permits children always get a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy time on our safe and developmentally appropriate playground equipment.



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